Course for Analysts

Course for Analysts

4.1 General overview of NFIR analysis methods

STEP 1: “Presentation Unit 4.1_General overview of NFIR analysis methods”

The presentation for unit 4.1 intends to give a general and short overview of the most common analysis methods, depending on different analysis purposes.

It is especially important to stress that:

  • in practice, it is not possible to draw sharp boundaries between the different methods, because of the overlapping content.
  • the choice and depth of application of each method, strongly depend on the purpose of analysis, the personal expertise as well as the personal interest.
  • the practical application of different methods is integrated mostly into Module 9: Application of key concepts in NFIR.

As an accompanying explanation and an in-depth introduction into the single methods, please refer to “Participant Material Unit 4.1_Overview of NFIR analysis methods”.


Materials for unit 4.1

Presentation Unit 4.1 General Overview of NFIR analysis methods

Participant Material Unit 4.1_General overview of NFIR analysis methods

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